Weapons Pack Point Blank for Counter Strike Condition Zero (NEW 2018)

Hello everyone, at this time I will share the skins point blank for counter strike condition zero. And what's in this pack? All the weapons on counter strike:condition zero become point blank weapons, except for some pistols that I did not replace. And here is the list of weapons:
For Counter Strike 1.6, you can download it here Skins PB for CS 1.6
  1. Glock18 Mummy
  2. Colt Python PBWC 2017
  3. Dual Desert Eagle Tiger
  1. M1887 PBWC 2017
  2. Spas-15 MCS
Sub Machine Guns
  1. Kriss SV PBWC 2017 (Terrorist)
  2. Kriss SV Midnight Blue 3 (Counter-Terrorist)
  3. OA-93 PBWC 2017
  4. P90 MC PBWC 2016
  5. P90 Ext Midnight Blue 3
  1. AUG A3 Blue (Terrorist)
  2. Famas G2 Commando PBWC 2017 (Counter-Terrorist)
  3. AK Sopmod Russia (Terrorist)
  4. TacLite T2 PBWC 2017
  5. M4A1 Ext (Counter-Terrorist)
  6. AUG A3 PBWC 2017 (Terrorist)
  7. AUG A3 Midnight Blue 3 (Counter-Terrorist)
  8. PSG-1 (Terrorist)
  9. Dragunov CG (Counter-Terrorist)
Machine Gun
  1. MK249
  1. C4
  2. M7
And some features:
  • Can zoom like Point Blank
  • Not using NST weapon
  • HP (health points) 120 like Point Blank
  • Launcher like Point Blank Gemscool
  • Can jump like Point Blank
  • Can rotate like Point Blank if pressing f
  • Background Point Blank
  • Loading like Point Blank Thailand
  • Unlimited money (99999999)
  • Scoreboard without ACG and Metahook
  • New HD graphics
  • New skill for all bots
  • All characters become Point Blank characters
  • Radio sounds like Point Blank
  • Some sounds like Point Blank
  • There are muzlleflash for some weapons
  • New Sprites
  • And many more
And these are some screenshots and videos

You can download it here: 

The installation tutorial is in the file.
Credits are also in the file.
And if you want to share to your blog, please give the link download to this post or this blog, not direct link.
Do not forget to comment and share this.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy it


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25 Responses to "Weapons Pack Point Blank for Counter Strike Condition Zero (NEW 2018)"

  1. gan. punya mod dual kriss engga sama mod dual p90? kalo ada share gan

    1. Adanya dual kriss gan, soalnya saya cuma upload yg kayak PB aja

  2. Sebelumnya terimakasih gan atas mod nya, mantep banget. Tapi itu nick kita nya klo kita ganti lalu apply masih tetep, jadi ga keganti. Cara nya gimana tuh gan biar keganti ?

    1. Ohhh coba agan buka file config.cfg / userconfig.cfg, lalu buka lewat notepad dan cari bagian nickname, tinggal agan ganti

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Replies
    1. Coba cari ini https://pasuruan-community.blogspot.com/2014/11/cara-mengatasi-eror-kembali-ke-menu.html

  5. Gan kok link nya 404 eror?
    Perbaiki dong

  6. Kalo Bisa Yang Cstrike Aj Soalnya Punya Gwe Cstrike

  7. Replies
    1. extract dulu terus pasang di CS 1.6 agan, ada tutornya kok di dalam

  8. Gan klo pas mau masuk ke map trus kembali kemenu awal trus ada tulisan czerormgr.exe has stopped working gmn cara ngatasinnya? Thx

    1. Untuk cara ngatasi kembali ke menu awal ada di blog ini gan, agan bisa cari di blog ini. Kalau yang czeromgr.exe bisa cari di google, ada kok

  9. Mana buat downloadnya ko gk ada sih?

  10. Replies
    1. Hmmm bisa kok gan, senjata2 tertentu aja yg bisa

  11. Bang tolongin dong bang kasih saya link download skin senjatanya aja bang jangan yang lain lain, saya udh coba" gagal terus (force close). Kasih link skin untuk senjatanya saja, plss bangg

    1. Itu udah ke link download, cuma ngelewatin safelinku aja

  12. sir, icant download the cs cz point blank skin pack.. it says

    "This site can’t be reached
    safelinku.net took too long to respond.
    Search Google for safelinku net full

    how to bypass this problem sir? thanks in advans.

  13. cara pake dual criss nya gimana gan ?