Weapons Pack Beach PB For CS 1.6 or CSCZ or CSPB [REAL PB] By RedRascal

Hello everyone, at this time I will share about Beach Series Point Blank Garena Indonesia for Counter Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, and Counter Strike Point Blank. 

In this pack there are:
Arabian Sword Beach
AUG A3 Beach
Kriss SV Beach
M1887 Beach
And bonus texture L86 LSW Beach
PGM Hecate 2 Beach
and mask Beach.

Arabian Sword Beach
Blck Rnjau

AUG A3 Beach
Zeppeto >> [Original Models]
Valve >> [Original CSO hand model]
Skript47 >> [Convert models AUG A3 from PB to SA]
KeenHide >> [Convert model AUG A3 from GTA SA to CS]
Balistic >> [All Animation & Bones]
RedRascal >> [Convert texture, Fix UV Maps]
Hessho >> [P & W models]
FeAr >> [Sight model]

Kriss SV Beach
Zepetto >> [Original models]
Skript47 >> [Convert model Kriss SV from PB to SA]
NEXON CSO >> [Original CSO hand model]
Ubay772/Balistic >> [All animations and bones]
KeenHide >> [Kriss S.V models (Convert to Counter Strike)]
RedRascal >> [Convert texture, Fix UV Maps]
FeAr >> [Sight model]

M1887 Beach
Zeppeto >> [Original models]
Valve >> [Hands]
Skript47 >> [Convert M1887 model from Point Blank to GTA SA]
KeenHide >> [Anims, Compile, Texture hand CSO, And Some Others Edit]
RedRascal >> [Convert texture, Fix UV Maps]


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